Maling mountain, also known as Lingshan and Maling mountain in the ancients, is located in the southern suburb of Xinyi, with a planned construction area of 28.9 square kilometers and an area of 56.8 square kilometers. It is a national 4A tourist attraction, which consists of three major scenic spots: sanxiandong scenic spot, Huangchao Lake Scenic Spot and Huating ancient culture scenic spot.

Since ancient times, Maling mountain has been regarded as the victory of Huaibei. It has attracted numerous scholars and scholars, and officials and dignitaries have come here to explore and win. Up to the real dragon emperor, down to the ploughman Yelao, this beautiful scenery is all lingering. Emperor Qianlong once visited Maling mountain for three times, and left a poem that said "three times, the people ride happily in Wu, and the spring breeze returns to Si Wu".

The religious and cultural history of Maling mountain is profound and has a long history. Several temples, such as spring Chaolv temple, chantang temple and Shanyin temple, which are the largest Zen forest in the south of Shandong Province, are inlaid in the Qifeng and Cuiling mountains of Maling mountain like bright pearls, forming a meaningful landscape painting scroll.

The red sandstone and gravel rock of Maling mountain create material conditions for the development of beautiful landscape. Danxia landform is composed of red sandstone, with towering peaks and steep mountains. The red rock and Danbi are as colorful as Wudan and as bright as bright clouds.

Famous mountains give birth to celebrities, and celebrities carry forward famous mountains. In history, many historical figures have emerged in Maling. There are thinkers and writers who have great influence; there are also local officials who are eyelashes and benefit the people. There are not only those who live in temples and dare to speak up, but also those with lofty ideals who are concerned about the country and the people. There are outstanding feudal scholars and outstanding representatives of the working people. They jointly promote the progress of society and the process of history.

Seeing the beauty of Jiangnan mountains and rivers, I often feel pity for the poor mountains and waters of northern China. If you know the Maling show in Northern Jiangsu, you will never regret not seeing the five mountains.